About FBSH

Originated from the Armed Forces of the Philippines School for Enlisted Men (AFPSEM).

Established informally in Fort Stotsenbergh (Basa Air Base) in 1946. It was originally conceived as a school for enlisted men which aimed to extend the benefit of secondary education to AFP personnel who were recruited to fight during the huk campaign.

It was established as a public school on September 11, 1958, as a result of an M.O.A. between the department of education and the Philippines Army.

Upgraded by the virtue of the approval of the DECS into a tertiary educational system and was named Fort Bonifacio College in 1967.

In 1978, Major Oswaldo P. Villanueva assumed the presidency. In the span of years, FABC has traveled far since then. Mrs. Lydia F. Pineda, Principal III, assumed leadership. The morale and welfare of the faculty, staff and students were uplifted. High school department was nationalized in 1988.The Philippine army ceded the Fort Bonifacio College to the city government of Makati through a memorandum of agreement in January 10, 1990.

FBHS now occupies a multimillion modern building given by the city of Makati under the dynamic leadership of former Mayor Jejomar C. Binay and the city council headed by former Vice Mayor Arturo Yabut. Dr. Erlinda C. Usabal is the principal of FBHS.

Mr. Samuel C. Bulan was designated as OIC principal in 2001. FBHS has been reaping honors and awards academic and sportswise.

In April 2003, Mr. Dominico C. Idanan was designated as the new principal of the school and renewed the quality of education and desirable values through a high standard of competence, commitment and dedication. He introduced a goal-oriented Fort Bonifacio with the battle cry: Forward Fort Bonifacio High School and Hit the Star. On February 26, 2004, www.fbhs-makati.edu.ph, the official website of FBHS was launched through the initiative of the School’s ICT Coordinator, Mrs. Lilybeth D. Sagmaquen

Mr. Samuel C. Bulan was again designated FBHS officer in charge in September 2004. A man of action, he instituted significant program and projects. Through his Project Rebound, the school performance level in the NAT and DAT was raised from the cellar to third and fourth places respectively.

On October 9, 2006, Mr. Wilmore C. Moredo assumed his office as the new principal of Fort Bonifacio High School. With his leadership he introduced Project WCM which is a search for Worthy Classroom Management, a school intervention program where discipline is the foremost objective. “Learning can be effectively transferred if we infuse discipline to the students”. Mr. Wilmore C. Moredo emphasized discipline in his advocacy to academic excellence and commitment.